Individual Traveler (F.I.T.)

Make sure that you get to see and experience exactly what you want in Israel by customizing your own trip. One of our many specialties at IGT is to customize the most unique, extraordinary and detailed travel itineraries.

We have researched destinations and hotels, and can design a program within our client's budget, while providing the best possible value. We offer leading names in hotels, and other land suppliers. IGT represents uncompromising personal service, attention to detail, and superior product quality. We take pride in our "Can Do" attitude and high level of attention to detail.

Our goal is to design and deliver superior programs and services that always exceed our client’s expectations. Our Individual Traveler department is increasingly in demand, and we take special pride in creating memorable, custom itineraries.

We also understand that when you travel to a distant country, it is helpful to have guides who speak your language.
To enhance your visit, we have assembled the finest English Speaking guides in the country.
Our guides have all worked as Tour Managers and are interesting, entertaining and charming for tourists of all ages.

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